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Calculate your age with this free online age calculator by date of birth. Know how old you are. Are you looking for a free online age calculator to calculate your age? Do you want to know how old your friends and relatives are? Now you can learn their ages on this page.

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How to use this online tool?

Age calculator is a simple and easy online tool to calculate your age easily. This amazing free online age calculator shows your exact age to the date and tells you how old you are. You can calculate your age by entering your date of birth and it’ll show you your exact age in terms of years, months , and days. 

Below image shows you how this free online age calculator works

Choose your Date of birth and month. Enter your year of birth. Then click on calculate button. 

free online age calculator by date of birth

After entering your date of birth you’ll see the result containing your current age. As you can see result in below image.


Age calculator to given date

Calculate your age to given Date. Choose from which date to which date you want to calculate your age.

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